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MoReq2010LogoTransparentBackgroundIIt is now widely known that one software company started to have its software tested for Moreq2010 compliance last month (May, 2013).  If all goes well, the tests should be completed by the end of July (2013).  Two other suppliers publicly declared their support for Moreq2010, and their intention to be tested, over a year ago – but have not yet made a move.  Will the forthcoming likely certification act as a catalyst to revitalise Moreq2010 – or will it be a one-off leaving Moreq201 moribund?  watch this space.

RomanianA translation of Moreq2 ito Romanian is now available.  See our Other Specifications page.

The next meeting of the DLM Forum will take place in Copenhagen 31 May and 1 June 2012. This will be an Annual General Meeting.

Brussels_FlagThe next meeting of the DLM Forum will take place in Brussels on 16th and 17th November.  Expect some lively discussion about the progress of the MoReq2010 initiative, as well as a full programme of other interesting subjects.  DLM Forum members are invited to both days, non-members may register for the second day (click on the relevant link for full details and to register).

The MoReq2010LogoMoReq2010 consultation portal is now open.  This marks a crucial step for Moreq - the records management community is counting on full and meaningful collaboration to ensure that MoReq2010 meets everyone's needs - not just those of a vocal minority.  To help make this happen, go to, register, and make your contributions.  Don't delay - the consultation may not be open for long! 

At the beginning, the portal contains only a little that you can comment on.  This will be added to gradually, so make a point of visiting the portal frequently.

BY2010logoThe 2nd International Symposium on Information in a Changing World, to be held at Hacettepe University, Ankara (Turkey) in September will feature a paper entitled "An Evaluation of TS13298 in the Scope of MoReq2" (TS13298 is a Turkish standard).  The paper is by Gülten Alır, Thomas Sødring & İrem Soydal.  For more details click here.

Fins al 30 de juny de 2010 es poden enviar comentaris a la bústia del servei de coordinació de gestió documental sobre la versió catalana del Model de requeriments per a la gestió de documents electrònics (MoReq2).  Cliqueu aquí.

The draft Catalan translation of MoReq2 is now available for public comment.  The consultation is open until 30th June 2010.  Click here..

At the European Conference on Digital Archiving in Geneva last week, Jon Garde – Secretary of the European DLM Forum – called on the ICA (International Council on Archives) to collaborate with the DLM Forum on the further development of an international standard for electronic records management systems.  Full details here; video interviews and further information on our Press and Web page.