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MoReq2 Training

  • Click here to register for a new AIIM online course about MoReq2 - just over 4 hours.  More detail here.

Other websites

  • DLM Forum: website of the organisation that initiated MoReq2 and maintains it.
  • European Commission: microsite on Moreq2.
  • 'official' website maintained by the DLM Forum.
  • a website with extensive content about MoReq2, mainly in German.
  • Russian ERM forum: popular running commentary about MoReq in Russian (Тема MoReq2 активно обсуждается на форуме Docflow, крупнейшей российской конференции-выставки по электронному документообороту и автоматизации управления).

Other initiatives featuring MoReq2

  • SEMIC.EU: SEMIC.EU is a participatory platform and a service by the European Commission that supports the sharing of assets of interoperability to be used in public administration and eGovernment.
  • DIFFUSE: The DIFFUSE Standards Framework of the UK's Digital Curation Centre.


MoReq (the original MoReq, often called MoReq1)

Please see the DLM Forum website.

Translations of MoReq and MoReq2

Please see the DLM Forum website.